"The act of creation - a visual language so impactful, it carries & conveys the perfect message."

A strongĀ visual identity is indispensable for any business, organization, or personality. A unique, easily identifiable brand will help you stand out and get noticed. Branding defines professionalism.
Below you will find the example of UW-Eau Claire’s Student Office of Sustainability’s brand. Note the established colors, fonts, and logos. All of these elements work in unison to define the SOS’s identity.

How does it work?

At the center of every brand is a brand manual, sometimes referred to as "branding guidelines". This includes established colors, fonts, logos, and language that can be used in many applications. From Facebook pages to printed advertisements, to company uniforms to business cards.
I worked for UWEC's Student Office of Sustainability as the Events & Marketing Intern. I noticed that all of their advertising materials from the past used old, outdated logos. Important documents were inconsistent, having no matching fonts nor font sizes. All of these qualities add up to the organization's image looking outdated, unprofessional, and disorganized.